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Huron Technologies Mold Release Agents
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Silicone Lubricants and Mold Release Agents
Silicone Based Mold Release Using silicone release agents can offer some special advantages. These advantages include:
  • Control for high or low gloss requirements on part surfaces
  • Excellent ease of release
  • Minimizing build up to maximize the number of parts between mold cleanings
  • Lower usages rates to minimize costs
  • High degree of thermal stability
  • Smooth defect free surfaces

For all of these types of advantages using silicone lubricants and silicone sprays means molding success. Huron Technologies, Inc. leads in custom formulating release agents and has the products to meet a wide range of manufacturing parameters. Huron Technologies provides cost effective release agents in drum, pail and tote quantities with proactive customer support for changing manufacturing needs and procedures.

Look for your application type below and call 800-275-4902 or submit a form via email. Our capable chemists and engineers will assist you in selecting the mold release that best meets your cost and performance needs.

Quality Mold Release Agents
Molded or Cast Material Release Coating Special Characteristics Sample Applications
Concrete RC 6187 Silicone solution in naphtha burial vaults
RC 7494 Water based emulsion concrete stone applications, architectural decorative parts
Concrete stamping RC 6187 Silicone solution in naphtha patio and walk way applications
Elastomers - cast RC 8601 Silicone solution in naphtha shoe soles, medical applications,
Epoxy RC 6650 Silicone blend in naphtha transformers
Extrusion - thermoplastics RC 8601 Silicone solution in naphtha wire coatings
Foam polyethylene RC 6047 Water based  emulsion automotive interior ,electric motor sound dampening components
Polyurethane elastomer RC 814 Water based emulsion shoe inserts, automotive floor matting
RC 6107 Water based emulsion floor mats, gasket sheets, flotation materials
RC 6187 Silicone solution in naphtha gaskets, frits, electrical connectors, mandrel sleeves roll coverings, vision injector tubes, medical device components, automotive air filters
Polyurethane film RC 6885 Zero VOC biomedical testing application
Polyurethane integral skin RC 6271 Silicone and wax blend in naphtha air filtration systems, arm rests
RC 6767 Silicone solution in naphtha dunnage
RC 7510 Silicone blend in naphtha automotive air filters, shoe insoles
RC 7528 Can be used with aluminum molds office furniture armrests
RC 8603 CZ Plastic insert releasant seating
Polyurethane high resiliency RC 6822 water based emulsion  
RC 7291 up to 5 releases per application motorcycle seating, booster seats, boat seating
RC 7517 Water based emulsion seating applications
Polyurethane rigid RC 6885 Zero VOC water filter applications
RC 6932 Zero VOC automotive energy absorbing components, insulation coolers
Polyurethanes Elastomers Integral skin
Microcellular Rigid epoxy castings
Phenolics Melamine/phenolics
Vinyl esters polyesters Polyureas
Glass filled polymers thermoplastics
SMR Aerosol Silicone aerosol High performance general purpose aerosol release for thermoset plastics and thermoplastics
Rubber molded on mandrel forms RC 821 Concentrate water based emulsion expansion joints, hoses
Rubber - crumb RC 6187 Silicone solution in naphtha tree rings, rubber pavers
RC 6885 Zero VOC tree rings
Rubber RC 6697 Zero VOC animal targets, foam fill sealing components
RC 6885 Zero VOC gaskets seals
Thermoplastics-glass filled RC 7575 Silicone blend in naphtha ball valves
Custom products for specific customer requirements     Call for product selection technical assistance and quote - 800-275- 4902
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