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Huron Technologies Mold Release Agents
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Quality Mold Release Agents
Mold Release Agent Product Types:

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Molded Polymeric Materials, Composites:
Urethane Mold Release Agents
Urethane Release AgentsFlexible
Integral Skin
Elastomeric Skin
Rubber Mold Release Agents
Rubber Release AgentsEPDM Rubber
SBR Rubber
Nitrile Rubber
Natural Rubber
Composite Mold Release Agents
Composite Release AgentsPhenolics
Our Mission, Our Products,
Huron Technologies' mission is to develop innovative and reliable manufacturing solutions by partnering with our customers. Huron develops, manufactures and sells off-the-shelf and custom mold release agents for molding thermoplastics and thermoset plastics including rubber, urethanes, epoxies, polyesters and phenolic polymers. Huron has mold release spray and mold release wax products to meet the needs of most molding processes including injection molding, compression, extrusion, filament winding, rotational, slush and mandrel molded applications. Huron is committed to high quality and high service standards. Research and development efforts ensure continuous improvement in mold release agent technology.
Free DVD for Mold Release Spray Application Techniques
Huron Technologies
Huron Technologies
Huron Technologies, Inc. - Mold Release Agent Leaders
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Mold Release Agent Applications:
Urethane Release Agents: Rigid Applications | Encapsulation Applications | Self Skinning Applications | Elastomer Applications | Seating Applications | Polyurethane Shoe Applications >>    Automotive Applications | Rigid Applications | Encapsulation Applications | Self Skinning Applications | Elastomer Applications | Seating Applications | Rubber Release Agents | Friction Applications | Composite Release Agents | Thermoplastic Release Agents | Concrete Release Agents | Tire Release Agents | Asphalt Release Agents | Composite Laminate Release Agents | Brake Release Agents |
Release Agent Types:
Water Based Release Agents | High Solids Release Agents | Solvent Base Release Agents | Solvent Free Release Agents | PTFE Release Agents | Paste Mold Release Wax | Aerosol Release Agents | Mold Conditioning Releasing Agents | Semi-Permanent Release Agents | In-Mold Paint Mold Release Agents | Low Gloss Release Coatings | Mold Cleaning Compounds | Silicone Release Agents |
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